This I Believe

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Beian Chen
ENG 101 This I Believe
Until now, I have travelled Japan, The United Kingdom and The United States. Although it may not be too much, traveling gave me a total different view and new insight to understand and think about the whole world. I found only travelling can let you learn and draw a lot when enjoying the fabulous scene. So I always believe that a person need more travel experiences to correct and promote himself.
I never thought, based on various cultures and different education backgrounds that people who come from different countries could an extremely distinct historical background, distinct way of thinking and beliefs. I thought “I
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However as a result, “Your ideas are clear and your speech is coherently. Your responses are confident enough to express your personal opinion about specific events.” This was what the teacher comment on my performance that day, making me so excited and joyful that British teacher could accept me point of view and showed her agreement with me. It was not too long before I enjoyed my vacation without constraints and open my heart to this rapidly-developed country.
During this trip, I had a deeper and better knowledge of western culture and it’s easier for me to understand western people and living pattern now. Being willing to accept new thing and having a fresh eye on everything should be the best solution of studying or living in different and remote countries. Don’t just stick to your own opinion and life pattern, trying to learn what others are used to and to appreciate others’ way of thinking was what I learn from this UK vacation. Generally speaking, be exposed to western culture and obviously, they will try to understand you too. This was also my mental preparation before I came to America.
The united states, this is a place where I am going to study and live for four years. Since this is not a vacation so my impression of America is related to a little bitterness. The racism can not be avoided but in general, the Binghamton University leaves me a good impression since the teachers and classmates are friendly and
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