This Internet Hate Machine Kills Fascists: Anonymous in Context

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Much of public protest in recent Western society has been typified by a decidedly social character—that is, the social movement—the likes of which has occurred on an unprecedented scale in the 20th century. In Gabriella Colman's 2013 paper “Anonymous in Context: The Power and Politics Behind the Mask”, she identifies the group Anonymous to work within these paradigms while acting entirely outside customary limits on candour. Through their absolute commitment to freedom in the face of tyranny—and lulz in response to dictators and oligarchs—Anonymous is a definite force of good against evil, and their intentions a net positive to the world. Dr. Coleman explains that in comparison to other major civil rights movements, Anonymous is organic and ruler-less. Some Anons “work independently, while others work in small teams or join a swarm of demonstrators,” and always “the campaign eventually ends” (Coleman, 3). This power-structure, leaderless as it is, makes Anonymous inherently different from all other forms of organization, and unique in how it should be considered. Such a formation is evidenced in Anonymous’ unpredictability, as there is no long term planning, nor planners. In her history of the formation of the group, she highlights not bold leaders directing people to expand the relevance and scope of the organization, but instead a rise and fall in popularity as “existing local, regional, and international causes and events” (12) trigger Anonymous, a vehicle of collective

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