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REV: MAY 24, 2007


Dubailand: Destination Dubai
The biggest war that any country can engage in is that of development. Although it is a long and costly war, the number of soldiers increases instead of decreasing. So let’s take part in the war of development together, and let our victims be poverty, ignorance, and backwardness. — Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai1 Dubailand, designed to be the world’s largest amusement park, was rising out of a stretch of desert near Arabian Gulf. As envisioned, the complex would cover three times the surface of Manhattan, or 45,900 acres, and nearly 5% of Dubai, a tiny emirate on the Arabian Gulf with population of one million. In addition
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Founded on May 26, 1981, GCC aimed to promote coordination between its member states.3 In 2003, approximately four million people lived in the UAE, with about one quarter residing in Dubai (835,000 men and 369,000 women).4 This population was predominantly not indigenous as 60% hailed from Asia, 15% came from other Arab countries, and 5% were from Europe. All key positions in the Dubai government however were occupied by members of a ruling family—their authority unchallenged by political parties or universal suffrage.5 While the ruling family tolerated non-Muslim religions, the preaching of any expression of religion other than Islam was forbidden as was the formation of trade unions.

Natural resources: Water Water consumption in the UAE water consumption was high due to temperatures that reached 47.1C (116.8F) in the summer, high relative humidity, and infrequent rainfall (see Exhibit 3 for basic climatological data).6 The potable water in the region came from two sources: 10% from wells (ground water) and 90% from desalination facilities. Desalination was a very expensive and environmentally taxing process, and more than 50% of world’s desalination projects were located in the Gulf region.7
According to Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), in 2004 water production in Dubai alone exceeded 61,463 million imperial gallons (MIG) 58,808 MIG generated by desalinization with demand steadily
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