This Is My Body, My Soul, My Ink Essay

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I sat down in the chair while the artist prepared his instruments. I wasn't afraid. This wasn't my first time, and I knew it wouldn't be the last. In fact, I was getting work done on an existing piece of skin art on my back. The artist was a formally trained commercial artist and a very close friend. We had worked for over a year on this particular piece. I was ready.

My body tensed, awaiting the machine on my skin. He asked, "Ready?" I just nodded my head. It's never what you think it will be. The machine touched my skin. My body immediately felt the blood coursing through my veins; my heart pounded in my temples, and I could feel the color drain out of my face. My body wanted to go limp. After a few minutes though, my body
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When this happened, the tradition of being tattooed was left to only chiefs and their sons. Today, the Samoans have gone back to their won tradition of allowing everyone to be tattooed.

You don't have to be a biker or a convict to be tattooed. People have been marking their bodies since the beginning of time; "Tattooing is the oldest art form around" (Austin 18). There is evidence that our ancient ancestors were marking their bodies 10,000 years ago and "recently a 4,000-year-old, tattooed warrior was discovered in the Austrian alps" (18). Tattooing is not new to human culture. Tattooing has been used to differentiate between tribes of people, mark the passing of childhood into adulthood, and commemorate "courageous deeds" (18). Even our earliest civilization, ancient Egypt, used tattooing. Archaeologists have found tattooed female mummies dating back to 4000 B.C.

Other civilizations after the Egyptians used tattoos. The Romans were one such civilization. They tattooed their faces; today, facial tattooing is called "mocha." The Romans probably began to tattoo their bodies after encountering a wild tribe of people in the northern islands which were once called "Brittania." They called the people they encountered "Picts" because they had pictures all over their bodies. We now know these ancient people to be the Celts; their design, coupled with their outward

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