This Is My Lemonade, By Robert Mulkey

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This is My Lemonade, is an adoption story about Robert Mulkey. Ernest and Alice was a married couple with one child, Cheryl, but they wanted another baby and could not conceive one after having three miscarriages. Ernest had a sister, Lavelle, who was a columnist in British Columbia. While there Lavelle was approached by Gwen, a pregnant 30-year-old, and her sister Maria, that needed help in locating adoptive parents for Gwen’s child. It was the 1950s in British Columbia and Gwen was a single pregnant woman and that was seen as socially unacceptable. Gwen thought about her possibilities and came down to two, to get an abortion or to give the baby up for adoption. So Lavelle contacted her brother Ernest and his wife Alice and asked them if they would be willing to take in Gwen and house her, paying for all her expenses until her baby was born, and then Alice and Ernest would then legally adopt Gwen’s baby. So that is just what happened. Gwen was flown down to Oregon, where Alice and Ernest lived, and stayed with them. Gwen bonded extremely well with Alice, sharing with her all about her life and even about the father of her baby, Guilio. Gwen told Alice about Guilio and how he knew she was pregnant but didn’t agree with Gwen on giving their son up; so going to Oregon alone and living with the family until the baby was born and then sign the parental rights over was the best decision. After the baby, Robert, was born, Gwen had three months to decide if giving up the baby was
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