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It is indeed true that the finer things in life are free, but what most people fall short to notice is that the greater things in life, however, come with an enormous amount of sacrifice, hardship, persistence, hard work, and determination. Everybody takes advantage of the finer things, after all, they are free and easy! Not everyone, however, takes advantage the greatest things life has to offer. I do not blame them, in all simplicity, It is extremely easy to be indolent. Why put elbow grease in one, when the other is easy? I will tell you why. This is a story of hard work, sacrifice, devastation, confidence, hopelessness, perseverance, and determination. My name is Maria de Los Angeles Delaz, and this is my story.

I was a regular
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To the fifteen year old Maria; life could not be better.

October thirtieth two thousand and seven at eight thirty at night, my Father barged into our home, walked into his room, grabbed a few clothing items and stormed out into the night. An hour later he returned, gave me a kiss on the forehead, told me to tell my sister and brother he loved them very much and left. It is tremendously difficult for me to describe what I felt. It was as if my heart broke in half, my stomach was being punched by a two thousand pound gorilla, and my breath…well my breath was missing in action. To this day, I still believe the pain I felt that night, is greater than the pain in giving natural birth. I recall hurling myself onto my bed and bawling until my mother came home, with my brother and sister in tow.

It was the hardest, most devastating time I have ever gone through. A couple of weeks after my Mother told us that my Father and her determined to finalize the divorce, Mom told us that she had decided to share her life with Stacie, a close friend of hers. I am a very opened minded person, but the change from seeing my Mother hug my Father, to seeing her hug a woman, was something I needed more time to adjust to. Stacie was and still is astounding with my family and I. Stacie helped us fill the void the divorce had caused inside our hearts with love and new activities the family began to

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