This Is My Story On My Decision To Become A Doctor. My

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This is my story on my decision to become a doctor. My journey started at an early age, I spent most my childhood with my great grandmother; while I was in the care of my great grandmother I would go with her to her regularly doctor appointments. At her routine doctor checkups, I would ask the doctors and nurses questions regarding the different treatments and tools that were used to treat my great grandmother. As I inquired more information from the doctor about these medical devices and procedures, I started to incorporate them into my life. I would take my great grandmother’s blood pressure, temperature, and observe for any abnormalities on her body. As I continue to explore the medical field I became the 4th-grade doctor, my peers…show more content…
As we discuss our hobbies, career aspiration, we decided to get some fresh air and go for a walk. As the two of us were walking, I asked her how did she end up in foster care. She told about her traumatic experience of being abused sexually, physically, emotionally, and mentally by her family and that she was taken away from them by a social worker. I was completely stunned because I only focused on the biological component of medicine, but now I was faced with a psychological problem. She told me that she took antidepressant medication to help her cope with her situation. I learned to things on that day that many people suffer from an illness that is not easily treated, and that medication was one of the ways to address these illnesses and help people to live normal lives. In high school, I focused on my academic and joined the decathlon team where I specialized in epidemiology. I was awarded several medals for scoring the highest on the epidemiology test at the annual science Olympics. Later in my high school career, I wanted I heard about a medical program to volunteer as a student escort in the hospital, where I could directly interact with a patient. I enjoyed waking up on Sunday at 7:45 am and going to the hospital for my shift, where I would transport patients throughout the hospital, collect medical records, and deliver lab specimens. It was the first time I could assist in a healthcare setting alongside doctors, but also the
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