This Is Not My America

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For those out there who believe the Barack Obama has cared about creating jobs in this country—I’m sorry, but I’m about to give you some bad news. He never has or will care about jobs. Why? It’s not the way Democrats think. I mean come on, why would they want you to have a job? They are still trying to blame Bush and the Republicans for the mess they have “inherited” and are asking you for patience. What they forgot is that this is the same party that told you that if you elected them, they would right the ship in no time—which explained the massive liberal victories in 2006 and 2008. However, since the Democrats have taken majority in the House and Senate—they have not done a damn thing to improve the unemployment situation. With the…show more content…
Politics—gotta love it. We have been suckered—jobs are not on anyone’s mind right now. The Democrats will promise jobs—but they will be union jobs with companies where the AFL-CIO and SEIU represent their workers. We should get rid of unions all together—their purpose is not suited toward the modern world because there is much more competition than in the early 20th century. However, until we get the bank’s balance books uncluttered and allow people to start borrowing again—the economy is at a standstill—which means little to no unemployment improvement. It is the hard truth—but someone has to tell you. Secure Retirement A bold promise has been made to the senior citizens of our country. The Democrats are promising that they will allow senior citizens income to be taxed if it is below $50,000. They cite rising cost of medications, health care, and energy costs are the reason. They do not want to burden them with taxes. Some of these senior citizens have not paid enough taxes to enjoy benefits of Social Security and Medicare—but they get it anyway. Besides, if the healthcare law that just passed is so great—why give seniors a tax break? Aren’t their medical costs going to go down by result of the healthcare bill’s

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