This Is the Age of Computers

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This is the age of computer. Computer has become an important part of our life. The wild web has become the source of all information. You type a single word in the search engine and multiple pop ups gives you a variety of choices on particular topics. One can not dispute the need for such computerisation but hundred percent dependency on technology has resulted in the malfunction of the society. One can however not deny that the use of computers in this modern day has simplified lives though it has resulted in most adolescents not utilising their brain functions. There are advantages to this modern day life, quick answers on finger tips, associated help through social websites, medical ingenuity through computer research, monitoring of evaluations and statistical analyses made easy. One can however not deny that this also has costed our thinking abilities. We have grown a dependency syndrome. Good as it might seem it has its good and bad sides.

Computerisation is to cause certain functions to be done by a computer. It is a process that involves individual, organization and the general society. A computer is a device where processing or storing of information is done. According to Guvava and Madziwo a computer can store and manipulate large quantities of data quickly. (Kudyachete 2000, 2005) further assets that the computer accepts instructions and produce results. Field of counselling is where a professional offers help to someone seeking help in most areas
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