This Memo Services As An Evaluation Of Team Vitamin C’S

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This memo services as an evaluation of team Vitamin C’s individual member contributions and performance while drafting a Team Analytical Report (TAR).

During week three of the course, the instructor assigned Nate Couturier, Shae Foster, Edward Sereno and myself to team Vitamin C and tasked us with drafting Individual Research Proposals (IRP’s) on a topic that would later be the basis for our final project. I chose to make my proposal about flexible work schedules and how companies and employees can both benefit from them. After the instructor approved our IRPs, we were to post them on the group’s discussion board so that as a team, we could decide the best topic for the Team Analytical Report (TAR). The next step of the project was
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He agreed with the decisions that had been made in his absence, approved and signed the CPPs. Edward Sereno never responded to any of the group posts but eventually signed the contracts.

As the project progressed, Edward remained elusive, never responding to group discussions or emails from the team leader, but he did occasionally reply to a few emails from Shae. During the week in which the TAR draft was due, Shae and I agreed that it was in the team’s best interest to inform the instructor of Edward’s lack of participation. Only then did he begin to participate more regularly, but still continued to miss the agreed upon timeline schedule. Because of this Nate, Shae and I always ended up scrambling to proofread and make any necessary revisions just a few hours before the submission deadline.
Edward was responsible for the abstract, introduction and conclusion sections of the report. His contributions revealed a lack of research and were completed at the last minute. As the time management expert, he failed this duty. For any future team projects that Edward might be involved in, I would suggest that he adequately research the topic, participate actively in group discussions and make the necessary personal schedule changes to stay on schedule with the agreed upon timeline.

Nate Couturier was absent during the first week of the project, but as I explained earlier, he had an acceptable reason for that. Going forward, he was
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