This Paper Delves Into The Realm Of Political Issues, Specifically

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This paper delves into the realm of political issues, specifically the “gun control” debate. The findings for this paper are comprised of information extracted from four scholarly journals (Emory Law Journal (2006), Fordham Urban Law Journal (2013), Justice Policy Journal (2013) and the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (2008)) that are accompanied by several other lower echelon articles ( &
The paper can be divided up into four different sections, that when combined, provide a detailed insight into the broad spectrum of “gun control.” These sections provide a brief yet insightful history, explore both pro and con stances and present statistics procured from surveys and tests.
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Civilians Access to Firearms According to La Valle (2013), the ability for law abiding American citizens to have access and ownership to firearms is not only a Constitutional right, but is also an effective safety measure for those living on the homefront. It allows a country 's people to protect themselves, their family and those they care about from any form of evil or tyrannical governmental outreach. Also, if the country is in a time of war and is under attack by axis powers not only will the military be able to fight but the patriots that reside within the country have the ability to lend a helping hand.
Rules and Regulations There are many rules and regulations that are set in place within the firearm community. Everything from purchasing, selling and transporting a firearm to background checks, gun specification requirements, legal paperwork and much, much more. All these measures are put in place to ensure that any type of firearm is not falling into the hands of someone who will pose a threat to the safety of the people around them. In 1968 one such regulation was Senator Kennedy’s call for a ban on all mail ordered sales of rifles made to military specifications. This was prompted by John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. History of The Firearm
Creation of The Firearm The first firearm was created in 1364 (PBS, 2014). The original
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