This Paper Discusses The Results Of The Self-Assessment

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This paper discusses the results of the self-assessment test that I recently took. In this paper, a look is given to some of the and most significant lessons that I learned about myself, pertaining to my personality, my skills in working with others and life within an organization. Following this, I discuss some of the biggest lessons that I learned about organizational behavior and my own personality traits. Finally, time is spent reacting to the article The Gospel and Personal Reflection and some of the ways that God has helped me to turn weaknesses into strengths. Introduction During the process of analyzing the self-assessment I learned more about myself than I could possible discuss in the following paper. Because of…show more content…
The reason that I was surprised by this is that I have always considered myself to be a fairly moderate person. People at my work, or in my personal life would not generally think of me as being highly opinionated, but apparently that is not entirely the case. In regards to Motivation Insights, it was interesting to see that I scored as being moderate or medium in almost every motivation metric. On question 32, I scored as having medium intrinsic and extrinsic motivation as well as on question 30 where I scored as having “medium emotional intelligence” for self-motivation. Because motivation plays such a major role in job satisfaction, success and attitude, I feel that I need to possibly reevaluate what it is that motivates me, and how I could possibly improve my level of motivation. While the Decision Making/Problem Solving Insights generally showed me as having “moderate problem solving skills” (question 6) and “medium strategic thinking” (question 42) skills, I was interested to see on question 43 that I could potentially “do quite well at strategic planning.” Judging from the results, I can see that decision-making and problem solving is something that I definitely need to improve on. Looking back on my past work experience, one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to decision making, is that I tend to doubt myself when making a decision. As I work to improve my problem solving abilities, I need to also be more decisive in the decisions I make. Working
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