This Paper Investigates The Application Of Attachment Theory

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This paper investigates the application of Attachment Theory to the study of infants with sensory-motor disabilities. It first summarizes the tenets of classic Attachment Theory as developed by Bowlby and Ainsworth in the second half of the twentieth century. Next, it argues that some of the underlying assumptions of the canonical form of Attachment Theory need to be revised in light of feminist and cultural critiques and work in Disability Studies in order to develop more appropriate metrics and to apply Attachment Theory in a more sensitive and effective manner to a diverse population. It concludes by pointing to ways forward to develop a more inclusive approach to understanding the development of attachment in infants with sensory-motor…show more content…
This paper will begin by discussing the history and current practice of Attachment Theory, especially as it pertains to infants and describes the process of child development and how it has proved extremely useful in helping us understand certain populations of children and plan interventions in certain types of situations which potentially impede their development. It will also critically engage with some of its underlying cultural assumptions. It will next discuss some of the basic issues raised by disability studies and how it also provides an important perspective on how people think about people with disabilities. The next section of the paper explores existing literature concerning the development of Deaf children and critically engage with how we can best combine Attachment Theory with Disability perspectives to understand their development and socialization.

Origin, Overview, and Critique of Attachment Theory

Originally created by renowned social scientists, John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth, Attachment Theory is primarily interested in the relationships of infants and preschool-aged children with their primary caregivers and how these relationships affect the way infants learn to build relationships with their caregivers, other persons, and environments. It is a foundational theory within the field of childhood development and the subject of many published, empirical papers, and theoretical studies. (Cassidy and
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