This Paper Will Be Discussing A Character From A Tv Series

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This paper will be discussing a character from a TV series Dexter and his actions are looked at under the light of different ethical philosophies. The character Dexter Morgan’s actions are looked at differently in each these theories. Actions of Dexter will be talked about in context with many different moral philosophies that includes: Utilitarianism, Economical Ethical Theory Consequentialist Theory, Rights Theory, Processists, and Divine Command Theory. Before discussing the ethical theories and morality behind Dexter, It is necessary to understand the basics of his story. It began when Dexter Moser was 3 years old and his mother was murdered in front of him in an extremely bloody fashion. This child was left sitting alone in his…show more content…
In this case Dexter have a preference for murdering people. He maximizes his utility and not get caught by working with his controls such as the law. The fact Dexter is maximizing his utility his actions are right in the world of economics. Killing people raises Dexter’s utility, but the utility of his victim’s is lowered. Does Dexter’s advantages exceeds his victims cost? What about the expense and advantages to the society? Dexter is killing killers. Productive people of society were harmed by these murderers. Dexter is killing people who killed other people. Getting these murderers off the street benefits society. Society is running more efficiently by getting there killers off the society. “If the gain to the gainers, in terms of the units of exchange, is greater than the loss to the losers, one might define allocation A as more efficient than allocation B We will use this as a simple definition of efficiency.” (Morey). The murdering of these people also generates an externality. The victims have loved ones. Friends and family will always wonder what happened to their loved ones because the police never find the bodies. Society benefits from the actions of Dexter and Dexter’s utility increases. Dexter is acting in the eyes of economics. What is Utilitarianism?
Utilitarianism is a philosophical view or theory about how we should evaluate a wide range of things that involve choices that people face. Among the
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