This Paper Will Discuss The Nfl Concussion Scandal And

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This paper will discuss the NFL Concussion Scandal and analysis of the ethical issues regarding the scandal. American football has always been defined as a contact sport. Individuals know before playing the sport that they take on the risk of physical harm to their bodies. However, concussions and other repetitive head-blows could end in death and permanent damage. Also, American football has been shown to be the cause of chronic traumatic encephalopathy(CTE), which can lead to suicidal thoughts, memory loss, and dementia. With players undergoing a lot of physical harm without the proper care, many may see the NFL as an unethical business. In 2014, data was collected that showed NFL players endured 182 reported concussions in regular…show more content…
Would you call yourself a person of high moral character if you were to watch and participate in national gladiator exhibitions every Sunday? With the recent comparison of the NFL to gladiator exhibitions, many fans also questioned if they should support the NFL. Gladiators or football players are sent in to arena’s knowing that they could have their brains, backs, joint, knees and other body parts completely injured. Not only are the players putting themselves in a postions for their morals to be questioned, but individuals that buy tickets and continue to support the sport are also looked at as not being someone that truly cares about the ethical issues. However, the root issues are the NFL commissioners and leaders that continue to allow the sport to be played in a violent way without giving the players all the help that they need. The NFL has decided not to directly address the mental health problems of current and former players in fear of negative publicity and financial consequences league wide. Also, they have not compensated players for their injuries or put in enough time or effort to improve the conditions for players. These things are deemed unethical, because in a sense by being injured, these players are being stripped of their freedom to do things the way that they want. Also, the NFL is putting the greed for money over the health and well being of the community. Even though, the NFL does bring in a lot of money for the economy, should we

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