This Paper Will Explain Which Theoretical Approaches To

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This paper will explain which theoretical approaches to counseling fits my personality and interests. The reader will gain insight on the life experiences that have shaped my attitude and vision towards life and my purpose in life. My life philosophy will be described in terms of its relativeness to the Adlerian and Existential counseling approaches. These counseling approaches will be described in terms of their view of human nature, integration into family therapy and techniques used. Upon examination of these approaches and my life philosophy, this paper will aid in the process of becoming an eclectic counselor specializing in marriage and family counseling. A life philosophy is a person’s overall attitude or vision towards life…show more content…
Being able to have a support system is what helped me change my outlook on life. A lot of times people attempt to deal with their struggles alone, but I feel that perspective is what causes some to alienate themselves. In my experience, having the opportunity to talk with friends, family and a counselor allowed me to grieve properly. I was able to release all of my emotions and deal with them in a healthy manner. This also helped me gain a few friends who went through the same thing I did. This helped me to see that I am not the only one who experiences hardships. Because I plan on becoming a marriage and family counselor, being aware of my life philosophy will help me excel in my career. The highlights of my philosophy include having the choice to turn around my outlook on life, belonging in society by knowing I am not the only one who experiences hardships, and knowing that the past will not negatively impact my future. The counseling strategies that match my life philosophy include the Adlerian theory, the Existential theory, and the Reality theory. The Adlerian counseling approach founded by Alfred Adler focuses on humans being motivated by social interest. Social interest refers to “a feeling of being connected to society as a part of the social whole, an active interest in empathy with others, as well as a need and willingness to contribute to the general social
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