This Paper Will Look At All The Various Problems That Those

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This paper will look at all the various problems that those returning home and to the community face after being in prison. I will be focusing on the issue concerning their living situations. Their inability to find employment. The world changing since they have been imprisoned. The various influences from both family and peers. The medical costs and finding treatment. I will be ending on the communities to which they are released in. Those who have been incarcerated once they have been released have had huge amount of problems and trouble reintegrating back into society. It stems from the idea of this stigmatism that they have about themselves after being released from prison. It also is the leading cause why so many of them…show more content…
When it comes time for them to reintegrate back into the community the first and number one issue for many prisoners is finding somewhere to live. Family members provide critical support to men and women after their release from prison. Research has found that strengthening the family network and maintaining supportive family contact can improve outcomes after prisoners are released. However, many family members want nothing to do with them after they are released because it jeopardizes their way of living. “One reason is that family members living in public housing may not welcome a returning prisoner home when doing so may put their own housing situation at risk”. (Travis, Solomon, Waul) Family relationships may also be so severely strained that staying with family members or friends is not a viable option for some so they bounce around from address to address. “Two months after release, 85% of Returning Home respondents were living with a family member, typically their mother or sister (50%-60%) or intimate partner (about 20%). However, these living arrangements are only temporary for many. Seven months after release, 35% of former prisoners had lived at more than one address, and 52% believed that their housing situation was temporary or that they would not be staying in their current neighborhood for long”. (Visher 2010) An when family and friends are not viable options where can recently released prisoners turn to. Well
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