This Past Week Was My Second Week In My Final Rotation

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This past week was my second week in my final rotation at Norton Women’s and Children’s Hospital! At women 's and children 's, child life covers every unit, including the adult units. I will be completing three 12 hour shifts each week for the next 5 weeks. During my final rotation, I will be focusing on the following modules from the ACLP internship modules: assessment, patient & family centered care, palliative & end of life care, administration, and professional development. These module activities will be done fluidly with my experiences, meaning it is not a week by week progression. The patient interaction that I wish to highlight from this week was a normative play session with a 7-year-old female who was hospitalized for a fecal…show more content…
At this point, her foster dad engaged her with me and was right by her side encouraging her and providing emotional support. She continued to say that she, “just wanted to have the IV pump back on and not the water through her straw.” After a while, the RN had called in multiple staff to help (she became aggressive and attempted to kick anyone who came near her other than her foster father and myself) and then decided to not continue attempting to flush her IV, because the patient was going to be discharged and the foster father adamantly asked if the nurses could leave the room and give her some time to calm down. I also left and then came back about 5 minutes later and brought some more art supplies to try to have some post-procedural play and she readily engaged in the activities but I was called to the ED for a procedure and could not stay. I debriefed with Kristi and although I felt incredibly defeated, I was reassured that I did everything that I could have done in the moment and that this was not a typical response from a patient this age. I wanted to do a medical play art activity with her, such as syringe painting or creating love bugs with syringes, but she was discharged. In all, I was excited to continue learning about what the child life department at NWCH
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