This Political Study Will Define The Reemergence Of Nationalism

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This political study will define the reemergence of nationalism due to the failed economic policies of globalization in the Brexit EU Vote. The Brexit Vote defines the lack of economic security promised by the European Union, which had dominated much of Britain‘s global objectives in the world economy. However, the problematic banking issues of the European Central bank (ECB) and the bankruptcy of certain nation states, such as Ireland, Greece, and Portugal, have inspired a new nationalist movement in England to leave the EU. The Brexit Vote, held on June 23rd, 2016, defined a powerful collective process in which 51.9% of the votes decided to lave the EU. This decision was primarily based on reclaiming British nationalism to regain…show more content…
These political trends reveal the underlying trend in nationalism as part of the growing problem of economic inequality, which was devastating the British economy for the greater masses of working people. The lack of resolution for the economic recession brought about a public reaction to policies related to nationalistic objectives, which were dominated by populist sentiment: “At a time when so many Europeans are faced with unemployment, uncertainty and growing inequality” (200). Certainly, the vote for Brexit defines the underlying re-reemergence of nationalism as a political option in the opposition of failed EU economic policies. The Brexit Vote also defined a complex new set of nationalist principles, which were based on the “turning back the clock” of racial identity in the pre-EU global order. For instance, the re-emergence of nationalism was also being defined by a the Anglo-Saxon “purity” of cultural and racial traditions, which undermined the tensions behind the Brexit Vote. In this manner, the perception of job losses in England also exacerbated racial tensions in relation to the immigration crisis across Europe. Many British citizens felt that a lack of regulatory process in EU immigration policy threatened their job security due to the lower wages being paid for immigrant worker: But others suggest it was really a cultural divide that was revealed, rather than an economic one. Another popular explanation for the mass support for Leave
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