This Reflective Essay Is Based On My Skills And Knowledge

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This reflective essay is based on my skills and knowledge that have been gained whilst being in education, at university. The idea of this essay is to highlight study skills I have expanded and developed during the first semester of my program and the transferability of my learnt skills. With help from my personal development plan I will be able to begin working independently, to help me prepare for year two of my degree. I will be highlighting incidents throughout this semester where I have acted more independently and also times when I could have been more autonomous. Whatever stage I am at in my career, such as, searching for another occupation; arranging my best course of action; searching for approaches to challenge and create…show more content…
I believe that this life change will help me get through university in a more confident, positive and independent way, it will increase my knowledge and other individuals may feel like they can come to myself for help. At university, I have been attending numerous lectures and seminars that have helped me to be able to gain the knowledge and understanding of different applications and resources to help improve my work so that it is at the best, that it can be. I believe that I have developed a lot of reflection skills that has helped me to a bigger and honest picture of myself and this has allowed me to see what I am capable of and what potential I have. I have developed a bigger understanding of how I think and how I come across to others which also helps me to gain a bigger judgment of what affects my personal performance. I believe that my PDP has helped me gain these skills which has improved my attitude towards work enormously. Before I came to study university I previously studied at college I studied at college, this was a massive help to be able to get where I am today. It was a rough journey and I received a lot of feedback with about 60% of it needing improvement. The constructive criticism that I received helped me tremendously as I take feedback really well as I think that it can help individuals
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