This Research Will Explore A Wide Collection Of Literature

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This research will explore a wide collection of literature in order to discover whether religion effectively prevents crime. It certainly differs from mainstream crime in that it attempts to seek the influences religion may have in committing or preventing criminal deviancy. The role of religion seems to be indistinguishable and is increasingly becoming an area of attention. This taken into account, makes the selected study engaging in that it investigates the impact of religion on crime. It is vital to gather views from a range of sources, which generally include diverse media representations and the works published by respected scholars. This will allow for any potential links or comparisons between media and academic sources. There are…show more content…
For instance, the use of both quantitative and qualitative data will be justified and vitally why a literature-based review was preferred as opposed to conducting it empirically. As a result, this will lead on to an ethics section underlining fundamental ethical issues and considerations, which perhaps explains the limited amount of empirical research. The study will importantly arrange chapters that will explore the role of faith alongside gathering academic and media interpretations. There will be comparisons and similarities amongst both sources made. In attempt to answer the question, the credibility of arguments proposed will respectably be taken into consideration. The findings from numerical and qualitative data will hopefully lead to potential recommendations and polices that could be implemented. 1.2. Methodology and Ethics This section will address the methods used to collect, assemble and analyse data. The strategy applied to this study will be a mixed method approach, a combination of both qualitative and quantitative data. Qualitative data underlines the importance of words rather than numerical findings in analysing information, which is becoming a renowned approach in the field of research (Bryman, 2012). This differs from quantitative analysis as this approach involves the collection of numerical data through experiments, close –ended questionnaires, charts, graphs and documents such as official government statistics
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