This Section Focuses On The Limitation Of Childhood Obesity

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This section focuses on the limitation of childhood obesity and the various sources and implications of finding. It also discusses future recommendations and proposals to fight this social and serious condition within our nation. Although, NSLP is federally funded program there are limitations of funds that is distributed across our nation. Depending on the needs of a school, district zoning and population, the state funds can be scarce. CDC is another funding source that also supports school health programs such as diabetes control however, this fund may be limited to target more prevalent chronic diseases compared to childhood obesity. Family history which includes, genetics can be another limitation to target obesity in which is…show more content…
This funding would be then be allocated towards education, treatment services, and recreational activities (Population-based approaches to CHILDHOOD OBESITY PREVENTION, 2012). Since, North Carolina made a top ten population mark in 2015 and is ethnically diverse community, with this data presented to you, I would also recommend school board involve community leaders and activists help reach those families and parents who believe that childhood obesity is not an issue within their community. North Carolinas population is slightly trailing behind the states that are on top five with increase population, Texas, Florida, California, Georgia and Washington. It has cut income tax rates cuts costing millions of dollars each year comparatively restoring school education funding. A research group informs that North Carolina is among eighth state that have cut students general funding by almost to 10 % or more since the year 2008 (Bureau, 2015). Our nation’s future relies on the quality of its schools. Providing financial support can assist our schools in retaining and hiring best teachers, decreasing class sizes, and improving and expanding quality of early education. It not only will provide the above but also will develop and create our nation’s future entrepreneurs (Ball, 2016). I also would propose the
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