This Side Of Paradise By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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What makes Amory Blaine uniquely American in the novel “This Side of Paradise” In the novel, “This Side of Paradise” authored by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Amory Blain is portrayed as a protagonist who searches his identity by looking at those people that he admires. However, these people block him from finding his true self. He appears to be more vacuous and relies mostly on his breathtaking handsomeness and his wealth in order to get well with life. The novel begins by describing the family background of Amory’s, from his childhood to adulthood and perhaps the early upbringing contributed a lot to his behavior. Amory comes from a wealthy family and his mother Beatrice, was a wealthy and pretty woman from Geneva Lake, Wisconsin. She is well educated and charming, a refined woman who got married to Stephen Blaine out of weariness. The novel goes ahead and describes the love that Beatrice gave to Amory, and she loved her son deeply both as a mother and a friend. At home Beatrice, along with home tutors, passes on to Amory much of the elegance of her education as they traversed and travelled the country together enjoying all sorts of the high elegant societies. The family of Amory here depicts a true American family that is ready to give the best for their siblings and significant others. Moreover the choice of name, Amory, is unusual and strongly brings the word love to mind and such a name firmly places the work in the American tradition of a love narrative (Bruccoli &…
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