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This source is very closely related to my research question regarding age and attitudes towards cyberbullying. The study broke down the participants into five age groups and examined their cyberbullying attitudes, perpetrations, and technology time. It determined that there is a negative correlation between age and these variables, showing that generally, those who are younger are more likely to believe that cyberbullying is a major concern for school-going minors. That being said, the youngest and oldest groups generally are less likely to have this attitude since they are not likely to have experienced cyberbullying. The middle groups most likely have direct or indirect experience with this problem. However, it was found that overall,…show more content…
This study looked at a number of different factors related to cyberbullying, particularly focusing on the victims themselves. The section on age and grade level most relates to my research topic. They found that in their research on students in fifth, eight, and tenth grades, cyberbullying victimization rates started low, rose in middle school, and sank again in high school. It appears that there is a curvilinear relationship between age and frequency of victimization and according to this study, the worst cyberbullying occurs in middle school. Therefore, this would imply that attitudes towards cyberbullying and its threat to school-going minors would be low at young ages, increase through puberty and adolescence, and decrease again after around ninth grade. While it relates topically to the two previous sources, the findings of this study are slightly different than them. This one highlights that the relationship takes a parabolic or curved shape compared to a straight negative slope.

Chaux, Enrique and Melisa Castellanos. "Money and Age in Schools: Bullying and Power
Imbalances." Aggressive Behavior, vol. 41, no. 3, May/Jun2015, pp. 280-293. EBSCOhost.
This article is extremely useful for my research project since it discusses how both money and age influence cyberbullying. The study described asked students in fifth and ninth grade to questions regarding bullying, neighborhood violence, family

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