This Study Explored The Relationship Between Gender And

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This study explored the relationship between gender and communication in the workplace. This study took place at the University of Tennessee, but was conducted online using qualtrics and social media to gather data. The data was gathered from participants located all over the United States. This study was divided into two different phases in order to gather the most quality data possible. The first phase was an online study conducted through a system called Qualtrics and the second phase consisted of four in-person interviews. These interviews disscuessed the effects of gender in the workplace and how communication varies from gender to gender (males to females).
The first part of our study will be conducted through Qualtrics which is an
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C., & Richmond, V. P.). The scale consists of 20 likert style situation questions examining whether a person might choose to communicate or not to communicate. Several situation examples included, “Present a talk to a group of friends” and “Talk in a small group of acquaintances”. Participants were asked to rank each situation from 1 meaning “never” to 5 meaning “always”. The reliability score for this scale ranged from .85 to well above .90. This is a very high score which means the scale should be very helpful in our research.
James McCroskey developed the Tolerance for Disagreement Scale in 1998. (Teven, J. J., Richmond, V. P., & McCroskey, J. C.) The scale is a likert style scale where participants rank from 1 (Strongly Disagree) -5 (Strongly Agree) several statements. The purpose of the scale is to tests people 's feelings and orientations by seeing their reactions. The reliability score for this scale was a .85.
Bridget H. Mueller and Jaesub Lee developed the Leader-Member Exchange/Leadership Scale in 2002. Unlike the average scale, this particular scale consists of seven questions at the end of the article. Each question measures leadership based on the topic of leader- member exchange in some shape or form. As far as reliability, Mueller and Lee explains, “subordinates’ LMXs with their superiors are tightly coupled with larger group and organizational contexts with respect to communication
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