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This study is designed to focus on the effectiveness of school based sex education programs in order to prevent teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s)/human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/ acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). School districts across the United States have been teaching sex education program, however each varies with the type of program that is taught. The number of adolescents who engage in sexual activities has declined in past years. Nonetheless, the United States being one of the most industrialized nations still has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy. Risky sexual behaviors likewise attribute to the number of individuals who live with sexually STD’s/HIV/AIDS. Of high school students…show more content…
Because abstinence-only programs have been deemed ineffective, it is critical that school districts consider a more comprehensive approach. This has become debatable with the issue of timing due to fact that many believe earlier sex education can be correlated to an earlier onset of sexual intercourse. While some adolescents begin to receive some degree of sex education as early as fourth and fifth grades, other during middle school, and some in high school, much critical information goes untouched (Kenny, 2014).
According to Somers & Eaves (2002), various studies have been done in an attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of sex education programs and their impact on adolescents. While some have produced positive results others have found little to no impact. The main purpose of this study was to examine if the timing of sex education had an influence on the first encounter of sexual intercourse. Past theory has shown that some adolescents are unable to deal with sexual relations at an early age, while past literature suggests that some adolescents become educated after the fact (Somers & Eaves, 2002, p. 25). Taking this information into consideration, it is suggested that earlier sex education can be related to less sexual behavior, thus engaging in intercourse at a later age. This is quite critical for parents to understand when consent forms are sent home for permission of their adolescents to participate during sex education. Many parents are

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