This Tournament Goes to Eleven

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This Tournament Goes to Eleven 2007
This Packet Has Gone to the Dogs (theme packet)
Written by: Delaware (Bill Tressler)

Every question will mention a dog somewhere, but answers need not be specifically a dog's name or breed. Tossups 1. One character by this name was a son of Zeus and Niobe who succeeded Apis as king of Phoronea. Another had the labors of freeing Arcadia and killing Satyr, while a third is seen "lying neglected on the heaps of mule and cow dung" and could not get up to greet those entering. After one of those figures was slain his 100 most famous attributes were placed on the tails of peacocks, as Hera had previously entrusted him to watch Io with his many eyes. The brother of Cerberus and the dog of
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Subtitled "In Search of America", For 10 points, name this work in which the namesake poodle is accompanied by John Steinbeck.
ANSWER: Travels with Charlie

7. A 2006 film by this title includes the characters Vaguely Hot Old Chick, Insufferable Prick, and Poseur, and features Keira Leverton administering some deserved smack downs. In a 1995 Connie Chung interview, Newt Gingrich was politically embarrassed after his mother used this word during a Hilary Clinton question. Big Fat and Super King Kamehameha are the kinds that Sheila Broflovski demonstrates in a song by Eric Cartman. For 10 points, name this term whose definitions include "an unpleasant person" and "a female dog".
ANSWER: bitch

8. Alcatel-Lucent historically describes it as "of unusual simplicity, power, and elegance", a manta repeated by devotees. Some say a dog living near U.C. Berkley who barked when the mail arrived provided the inspiration for its mail notification known as biff. A Y2K-like problem will occur for those using its "time", which measures nanoseconds since 1970. Other utilities include "tty" [T-T-Y], "pwd" [P-W-D] and "chmod" [C-H-"mod"], used to change permissions. Its name originally ended with a "c" but now uses "x". For 10 points--name this operating system developed by Ken Thompson at Bell Labs, the namesake of a family of systems including GNU, OpenSolaris, and
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