This Was All Happening So Fast, Harry Who Was Just A Tiny,

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This was all happening so fast, Harry who was just a tiny, dark headed, 11-year-old with glasses just learned that he was a wizard and was now aboard the Hogwarts Express to his new school and life at Hogwarts. Harry was just looking out the window on the train, day dreaming what Hogwarts would be like when his cabin door flew open and there stood the prettiest girl he had seen, she had frizzy hair but that didn’t bother Harry much. Harry had crushes before back in his middle school but he never gave them much thought because the whole school thought he was a dweeb. When he saw this girl on the train it was different, he instantly wanted to get to know her, because he had a fresh start and no one knew about his muggle past. She walked in…show more content…
They all walked into Hogwarts and had to be sorted into their houses immediately. Harry didn’t know much about the houses but Hermione had told him on the train she wanted Gryffindor, so he was hoping for that as well. Hermione got sorted before Harry and she got Gryffindor, she was super excited and he was happy for her. Then it was Harry’s turn and he got Gryffindor as well, he couldn’t believe it he was so happy to be in the same house as Hermione. Then it was time for the red headed kid to get sorted, Harry heard Hermione mumbling something to herself, Harry thought she said “Gryffindor please.” Well no matter what she said Hermione got her wish, the sorting hat yelled Gryffindor and the kid went over and sat with what looked like to be his older brothers. Harry looked over to see Hermione smiling at him and him smirking back at her. Even though Harry had just met her that day, that red headed kid put a fire in his belly of envy. That night in the dormitory the kid finally introduced himself to both Harry and Hermione. They chatted for a bit and found out a little bit of Ron’s history. Ron decided he was going to go up to his bed to get some sleep so he told them he would talk to them more tomorrow and left. Harry turned to look at Hermione and said, “I’m not a fan of that Ron kid.” Hermione laughed, “Harry you just met him stop being so judgmental.” Harry rolled his eyes and shook his head, “Yeah, okay, whatever.” The next day classes

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