This Way for the Gas Analysis Essay

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The Stages of Deception used as a way of Persuasion and the thought of Hope in This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen
Throughout Borowski’s collection of short stories, “This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen” various characters have been deceived into their own executions. The thought of being led to one’s own death without even knowing is what went through the minds of many Jews during the Holocaust. These victims had no control or say in their fates and faced the judgment without any sympathy or remorse from their executers. Although the victim’s futures were for the most part condemned, as they got closer and closer to death, few never lost hope that some miraculous intercession could drastically change their fate for the
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They obey this unspoken rule because it is the only way they themselves stay alive and earn a meal in their stomachs. In a conversation between Tadek and his fellow mates he comments “They can’t run out of people, or we’ll starve to death in this blasted camp. All of us live on what they bring” (Borowski 31). The prisoners live and survive on the numerous victims that are brought in for execution on a daily basis. In addition, the prisoners feel that the least the victims deserve is a last hope until they face their own deaths, it is said to be “the only permissible form of charity” (37). This was a tactic in the Nazis overall strategy to achieve their genocidal goals. The author uses narration to explain to the reader that since the victims did not meet the standards of the Nazi community, the “Final solution” was to get rid of them.
Tadeusez Borowski describes in his many short stories that some victims during the Holocaust had to choose between their one lives or loved ones. In “The People Who Walked On” there’s a situation between a young woman and a camp leader. The young woman and her mother were forced to undress and the camp leader was “struck by the perfect beauty of her body” and asked her to step aside. The man deceives her and tells her to trust him and follow him into the chambers. The woman still worried but hopeful asks “what will they do to us?” The man, in an effort to keep her calm responds “Remember, be brave, come. I shall
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