This Well Said Quote By Marshall Mcluhan Shows That Civilians

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this well said quote by Marshall McLuhan shows that civilians of America did not and will not know what happened on the battlefields. With the novel The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, this proves just what the Veterans of Vietnam actually went through. With the psychological approach, one can see how PTSD affected many veterans, how loved ones were affected by the war, and how Tim O’Brien changed throughout the war. This proves that the war not only changed the veterans from Vietnam but actually the world around them.
PTSD, otherwise known as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, a disease of the mind caused by very traumatizing events.According to the Journal of Traumatic Stress page 4, The American Legion is the largest vet organization in
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My grandfather was drafted to be a medic in Vietnam 82nd airborne. One day he sated that he was with one of his best friends going out to check for wounded. He said “ I nudged my best friend and asked if he was read only to turn around to see that, half of his head was gone. Have you ever cut a grapefruit in half? That is exactly what his head looked like.” In this traumatizing moment my grandfather explained that in War there is no time to have grief; that you do not have any time to comprehend what just happened. He proceeded to tell me that War wasn’t about saving your friends because you have to save yourself.
Nobody back in the U.S. knew what happened to the soldiers back over in Vietnam. They cannot comprehend some of the most gruesome stories they told. With them not being able to know what they went through, most do not know what PTSD is or how it affects the veterans. Therefore this brings us to how loved ones were affected from the war. For most Americans that fought in the Vietnam war, they Returned to hate. My co-worker’s father said that when they returned to the war spat on and screamed at by fellow americans. Many of the families had a feeling of lost, hate, and grief. Not only for the ones they lost but also for the ones that came back to them but in fact were not themselves. One can see that the detrimental effects PTSD can have not only on the person but that person’s family. A combat report in The Journal of Traumatic Stress, states

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