This essay is about the Museum of tolerance: What I saw, How I felt and what did I leave the Museum thinking.

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The Museum of Tolerance is a place that not only is a home to a memoriam of the Holocaust but it also tries to break the barriers of racism, prejudices, and discrimination and tries to teach and incorporate in people that even though everyone is different, everyone shares a universal attribute, that each person around the world no matter their race, gender, country of origin, or choice of religion still bleeds red, feels pain and are human beings. As soon as people realize this fact and accept that no one set of people are better than the other, places like The Museum of Tolerance will not be needed but till then we need to remember what hatred, prejudices, discrimination and the inability to accept people for who they are has and can do…show more content…
Military bound children in some countries are bought or forced into the military by the age of 7 trained to kill and given weapons to serve their country. Often told that they should be proud to die a soldier, if any try to escape the military officers send the same children to hunt and kill the runaways for desertion. Why is it that in the United States actions like these are extremely punishable and prohibited but when other countries practice these methods and import goods to the US we turn our heads? The United States is one of the biggest countries in the world that participates in human trafficking and only recently has been questioned because of recent cases of US Caucasian girls being abducted in foreign countries. Truth is these abductions have been happening for a while now but I ask why it is only now becoming an issue. Also an issue is child porn children are exploited everyday through the internet with child porn sites and in a recent Supreme court case and producer of porn won a case stating that all his children pornography is artificially made with animation from a computer and since no real child is being harmed its his right to express himself as he pleases. Secondly, we were taught about the mistreatment of woman around the world. In some countries husbands of wives remove sexual pleasure organs of woman for they will not be tempted to sleep with other men. Sex is only supposed to be enjoyable for the husband. These

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