This is England

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This Is England
While watching the movie “This is England” as “the other”, I was able to experience a culture that was socially, culturally, politically, and ethically different from that of my own. It was interesting to see a story unfold through the perspective of a young boy named Shaun. The director showed Shaun’s experiences dealing with serious issues England was facing at the time such as racism, gangs, immigration, and unemployment. Losing his father at an early age, Shaun lacked an older figure to guide him towards the right path which ultimately causes him to join a gang called the Skinheads. Based on the movie, gangs seem to be one of the major problems within England’s social economic political system. At first the gang Shaun
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In spite of the outcomes of past events, England does not seem to care.
Of course, if one grew up in England and was raised to believe that whites were superior to all races then that would be the social norm. If one was born in America, he or she would grow up to believe that all humans were created equal no matter what race you were. This is evident through the perspective of the main character of the movie. Shaun grew up without a father figure to teach him about ethics and morals. Shaun becomes more attracted towards Combo’s strong character as the movie progresses. Consequently, Combo eventually brainwashes the young boy and made him believe that everyone in England who was not white caused a major problem in society. However, I strongly believe that racism only causes more problems. Living in America – the land of equal opportunity – for all twenty one years of my life I have never experienced any major problems just because whites and other minorities settled and lived in the same area. Everyone was created equal no matter where you came from. Although I may find it particularly odd to see another person hate someone because of their cultural background, I understand that I am only observing the situation as “the other". What may be strange to me can definitely be normal for
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