Thoebe's Pahony: A Narrative Fiction

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Missing Chapter I could have stayed there and watched little old Phoebe on the carousel all day in the damn rain. Finally, the goddamn rain stopped pouring so we decided to leave the park. We walked along the sidewalk and there were these 3 guys that were arguing about one guy stealing the other guy’s money. You can’t trust those phonies. It was almost three o’clock and school would be out. That means Phoebe would have to get home before mom notices that she’s missing. We took the subway home and the goddamn subway smelled like pee. I would probably catch a disease from all the germs and phonies on the subway. We eventually got to our stop and got off thank god- those goddamn phonies were giving me a headache. I wasn’t ready to go home, mom will probably yell at me and send me back to another boarding school and I’ll never see Phoebe again. They don’t care about me. My heart was beating so fast I could have dropped dead. Standing in front of my house, seeing my parents will probably give me a heart attack. “Come on!” Phoebe said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the door. She opened the door and I could already hear somebody in…show more content…
I don’t want to go back there! It’s full of phonies!” then I stormed upstairs into the attic. I felt so depressed, I just want to talk to Phoebe. There were a lot of things that I left in the attic before I was sent to boarding school so I figured that I’d go through it. I opened the boxes to find, papers, clothes, magazines, and Allie’s baseball mitt. The mitt was still the same color brown but in the inside, the poems that Allie wrote were starting to fade. The words on the inside were barely there anymore all that was left were a few letters here and there. I couldn’t remember any of the poems. I just started to cry and scream out loud out of nowhere and I could not stop. I felt like my insides were being ripped out of me. My body was numb when Phoebe came home and heard me upstairs. I don’t want her to see me like
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