Thomas Alva Edison: The Life And Life Of Thomas Edison

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Thomas Alva Edison was born in February 11, 1847, in Milan, Ohio. He was the last child of the seven. When he was a child he had an ear infection that almost made him deaf. In 1854 he moved to Port Huron, Michigan. He started public school and attended for only 12 weeks due to ADHD. He was later home schooled by his mother. As a child he enjoyed reading and reciting poetry. At age 12 Edison convinced his parents to let him sell newspapers at the Grand Trunk railroad line. As he worked there he started his own newspaper called the Grand Trunk Herald. Thomas Edison first started chemical experiments in one of the train baggage cars. An accident occurred in one of his experiments and he was kicked off the train. By age 15 he was employed as a telegraph operator. He…show more content…
The next year, he created a small laboratory in Newark, New Jersey. Edison created a quadruplex telegraph that could send two signals in two different direction on the same wire. It was sold for $100,000. When Thomas was 24 years old he married 16 year old Mary Stilwell, who was an employee at one of his businesses. Throughout his marriage they had three children, Marion, Thomas and William.Thomas Edison continued to increase his reputation and by 1870s he was a first-rate inventor. In 1877 Edison created the phonograph, a device used for recording sound which brought him worldwide fame. In 1878 Edison started working on his most influential invention, the light bulb. Prior to the light bulb, people burned lamp oils and used manufactured natural gas for light which was a dangerous way to provide illumination. Thomas Edison’s cheap, and safe light bulbs changed the way we live in the dark. Edison created a company that would deliver electricity to power the light bulbs, called the Edison Illuminating Company, the first investor-owned electric utility. We still use Thomas Edison’s light bulb today. (Thomas Edison Light

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