Thomas Alva Edison Was A Man Of Great Talent And Determination

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Macy Nixon
Mrs. Molzahn
American Literature
May 20, 2015
Inspiration or Perspiration
Thomas Alva Edison was a man of great talent and determination. A mind of absolute genius that withheld spectacular and innovative ideas that Edison, himself, could not wait to share with the world. The list of inventions and developments Edison is often known for are countless. Creations such as, the electric light, the telephone transmitter, the phonograph, motion picture, electric storage battery, and mimeograph machine, are just a mere few of his 1,093 United States patents and thousands more, from twenty-four different nations. Many of Edison’s ideas were beyond the world’s understanding. Today, his inventions have greatly influenced the twentieth century, more than one could ever imagine.
Thomas Edison was born February 11, 1847, in Milan, Ohio. He lived in Milan for seven years, until his father decided to further his career and start a business in Port Huron, Michigan. Here, he spent most of his childhood in a small, red brick home. At this home, Thomas found what he is known for today. Due to Edison struggle in school and inept in mathematics, his mother, a former teacher, decided to homeschool him. Though bad at school, Edison was eager to read, especially science books. His love of science, lead him to start doing chemical and mechanical experiments in the basement of his small home. This might have been the best decision his mother could have made for not only Edison’s

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