Thomas And Two Different Jesus

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Joel Brizzee 10/17/14 REL 321/ Shoemaker Luke, Thomas and Two Different Jesus’ The juxtaposition of any two writings is a formidable task. The content of each, even if they seem alike, is a small part in determining similarities and differences. One must also look at the styles, authors, themes, supposed audiences and authorial intent. This front becomes even more difficult while exegeting and deciphering ancient texts because of how far removed the writings are from modern understanding and scholarship. It is also further complicated when one lacks the factual knowledge of which piece was written first and/or if both texts were using a third source at the time of their creation. These difficulties find their apex at the study of Christian history and all of its subsequent writings. In particular, the gospels according to Thomas and Luke, while they have similarities and at times identical phraseology are vastly different when one considers their theological understandings, themes, format and style. Firstly, format and style will be considered. This is one of the biggest differences between the two gospels. The format of Luke’s gospel and Thomas’ are clearly different. Luke, as much as it is technically a narrative, has elements which can be argued that it is an epistle as well. For example, in his opening verses, Luke is addressing this letter to Theophilus. Not only is this different than Thomas’, which lacks this style, but also unique to Luke as a gospel itself.
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