Thomas Aquinas And His Views On The Existence Of God

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Thomas Aquinas was a famous philosopher and theologian from the 1200’s who dedicated his life to praising and explaining the existence of a higher being, God. Aquinas presents his evidence for the existence of a higher being through five distinct ways in the Summa Theologica. These ways give reason for God’s existence through the cause, existence and final cause of different events and objects. The two first ways made by Aquinas are the most influential sources I found that provide good evidence for the existence of God and are the ways I will be analyzing. Aquinas first way explains that there must be an unmoved first mover who initiates change in reality but is not itself changed while his second way explains that there is a first cause to everything, which causes a chain of causes that cannot go on to infinity. These two ways presented by Thomas Aquinas provide, in a way, some evidence up front for people to conclude that indeed there is a higher being who is God. However, Aquinas first and second ways need to be deeply explained and ridded of objections to truly convince everyone, instead of just some, that there is a being who is the unmoved mover and first cause of everything. Aquinas first way gives evidence for the existence of God by explaining that everything in motion is set in motion by God the unmoved mover. When Aquinas explains that everything is in motion, he does not mean that everything is literally physically moving around all the time, but instead, he
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