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Marriage is universally understood to be the legal union between a man and a woman. This acknowledgement, however, has recently generated dispute and controversy in certain individuals, primarily homosexuals and supporters of homosexual marriages. This opposition, due to this mainstream view, exists because certain states such as Minnesota deny same-sex marriages.
In Thomas B. Stoddard's article "Gay Marriages: Make Them Legal," Stoddard begins by defending homosexual marriages through partners, Karen Thompson and Sharon Kowalski. Both women were denied a legalized nuptial by the state of Minnesota even though they resided together and exchanged vows. On November 13, 1983, Kowalski was severely injured by an intoxicated driver and was
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Marriage is a ceremonious and cultural occasion. It encompasses traditions that date back hundreds of years. Hence the antiquity of marriage would characterize it apart of our society's history and tradition. Accordingly, marriage "alone cannot sanctify" gay marriages.
Stoddard briefly points out that "marriage is not fundamentally a procreative unit" because a number of heterosexual couples that are united in marriage have no intention of raising a family and are incapable of having children. Heterosexual marriages in general, however, provide social stability to the economy because the union between a man and a woman has the potential to bear offspring. Stoddard also states that presently "all 50 states deny that choice [the decision whether or not to marry] to millions of gay and lesbian Americans." Firstly, in the case of Baehr vs. Miike, gays were allowed to become a married couple in the state of Hawaii on December 3, 1996. Consequently, Stoddard's claim that "all 50 states deny that choice" is somewhat extreme. Lastly, not a single state denies heterosexuals the right to refuse marriage. It is the legal attainment of the rights and responsibilities of marriage that states disallow homosexuals.
"Marriage triggers a universe of rights, privileges, and presumptions. A married person can share in a spouse's estate

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