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What is an internship?
Internship provides the relevant knowledge, skill and experience to those looking to explore their career in future. Internship is relatively for short period were student can experience the corporate.
It is 12 weeks program to serve twin objectives of providing/ learning the critical business insight and to gain the high caliber which helps us to go ahead in the world of business from the day of beginning.
The internship is done at Thomas cook India ltd for the following topic “ STUDY ON EFFECTIVE MARKETING STRATEGIES FOR THOMAS COOK INDIA LTD” I have identified that Thomas cook is having good strategy in the market to attract the customer and agents in Bangalore city.
As per VTU guideline Mr. Basavaraj who is marketing
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It has more than 2500 destination which serves over 18 million travelers every year, and maintained the brand equity of effective marketing strategy, each and every company marketing strategy depends on its marketing mix.
Marketing mix
The marketing mix is the business tool which is used in marketing and even used by the marketers. It is often crucial for determining the product or brand and it provide overall worth to its clients. Marketing mix associated with 4P’S product, price place, and promotions.
A product refers to item which satisfies the need and wants of consumer demands. Product can tangible or intangible in service. It is consequently more than the physical thing sold by the trade and TCIL have the wide range of product in order to attract the customer like Air tickets, holiday packages, travel insurance, foreign exchange, domestic, international which are well known in the world.
Price refers to the ultimate cost that is paid by the consumer. It represents the built-in value to customer about product and services. Industry may apply a variety of pricing policies responsibility on revenue goal, today in marketing PRICE= PRODUCT VALUE.
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The strategy will change for Thomas cook India ltd which can be more effective. AEU have different form of communication for their marketing strategy. AEU demographic depend on the internet for information, and its website recognize that resource are required to maintain the site as well. There is continues testing of website to increase its popularity in search engine.
The other method of communication is magazine advertising, whose readership is same as AEU which is used to increase visibility and position, it provide top service in adventure market.
AS the time progresses the dedicated client are recognized, AEU will rely on email, direct mail and newsletters to the customer those who are on the mailing list. The aim is to increase the previous customer to join AEU for another trip with special deal as newsletter share special both trip and deals to selected group of customer. Under the operation AEU will endure to measure the growth of the competitors and also the growth of market in which company operate. The product and strategy differentiation is based on competitive strength and its information is concerned with market and

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