Thomas Cromwell : A Great Writer Essay

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Thomas Cromwell Thomas Cromwell was a great English statesman and lawyer who lived in the late 1400s to early 1500s. He was born in 1485 in the district of Putney in London, England. Though he was born into a blacksmith and trade family, he wanted to be self-made and get into the government and politics of England. At a young age, Thomas Cromwell traveled through Europe, including Italy and France, picking up various trades such as military, banking and as a clerk but later ending up as a lawyer (Maynard, 8). In 1515, at the age of 30, Thomas Cromwell married Elizabeth Wykys. Though it was a short marriage, together, they had two daughters, Anne and Grace, and a son Gregory (Maynard, 9). In 1523, Cromwell was a part of the House of Commons, the lower house in Parliament (Maynard, 71). He took his role there until Parliament was dissolved. In 1524, Cromwell was elected as a member of Gray’s Inn, a professional judge and attorney association in London. Cromwell first became a part of the English government with work through service towards Cardinal Wolsey. Cromwell became Wolsey’s primary secretary and his second in command. Under Wolsey, he suppressed multiple monasteries and took funds from them to build and support Wolsey’s schools (Maynard, 19). When Wolsey began losing his title and dropping from his position, Cromwell quickly left so he also did not fall out. Cromwell began working for King Henry VIII. Cromwell quickly worked his way to the top and became a direct

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