Thomas Edison And The Invention Of Thomas Edison

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This is Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison is a famous inventor who invented lots of things that we use today. He was born a very long time ago in the United States of America.

Thomas was a very naughty child. He used to always get into trouble for misbehaving such as the time when he set his father’s barn on fire. He was only six years old when this incident took place.
Thomas only started school at the age of seven. He was unable to go to school at an early age because he was quite sick and his mom had to take care of him at home.

At school Thomas could not concentrate and used to constantly disturb the children and the teacher. He became quite disruptive in class and did not learn anything. His teacher then nicknamed him “Addled”. Addled means someone who is unable to think clearly.
Thomas did not have a very good teacher at school. His teacher was not willing to answer his questions and
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The light bulb had already been invented before but Thomas Edison improved and perfected the light bulb. The new light bulb that Thomas invented lasted for longer periods of time .Thomas thereafter went on to invent an electrical power system, so that people would have electricity and could use the light bulbs at home.

It was Thomas Edison who was also responsible for the invention of Motion pictures . Thomas created equipment that would record and playback images so that they could be watched later on.
It is because of Thomas Edison that we are now able to watch movies.

Before Thomas Edison died he said” The trouble with other inventors is that they try a few things then they quit. I never quit until I get what I want”
We should learn from this quote that no matter how hard things may seem, we must not give up, we must try and keep trying until we succeed. Thomas Edison never gave up and because of that he created so many different
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