Thomas Edison Contributions

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Where would we be today without Thomas Alva Edison? How would our life be different? Thomas Edison probably did more than any other man to influence the industrial civilization in the world we live in today. He developed many devices that greatly influenced life in the United States. Let us explore the life and contributions of Thomas Edison.
Thomas Alva Edison was born February 11, 1847, in Milan, Ohio in a humble brick house that still stands today. Edison was pulled from public school at the age of twelve and taught by his mother at home. At eleven years old, he had a chemical lab in the cellar of his parent’s home, and at age twelve took a job as a newspaper boy on a train. He had a chemical lab in a section of a baggage car and ran a printing press where he made copies of the local newspaper. He also bought and sold fresh fruit and vegetables along the train route. As you can tell, Thomas Edison showed a work ethic and knowledge of business transactions that was unusual for a boy of his age. While working at the train yard, Thomas Edison saved a little boy who had fallen in the path of a freight car. The boy’s father was the station agent. As a show of thankfulness to Edison, he taught Edison telegraphy. Edison had been interested in electricity, but telegraphy made him even more interested, and that led him to his studies and experiments that resulted in some of the world’s greatest inventions.
In 1868 Edison filed his first patented invention, the electrical vote
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