Thomas. Edison : The Invention Of Thomas Edison

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Who is Thomas Edison? Before learning about his other inventions I only knew Thomas Edison as the man who invented the electrical light bulb. Did you know the light bulb was not Thomas Edison’s only invention? Yes it is the most the popular and is still used today but Thomas Edison is also responsible for many inventions that have helped make advances in Mass Communications. These inventions include the kinetograph/kinetophone, phonograph and multiple models of the telegraph and telephone. Due to the success of these inventions Thomas Edison holds 1,093 U.S patents and has received a plethora of awards. (, n.d.) Thomas Edison’s inventions have made him pioneer in recording music and motion picture, hence making him an important inventor in the world of Mass Communications. The inventions of Thomas Edison have been duplicated many times. His work still has an impact on the things that we use today. I believe Thomas Edison is an inventor with one of the biggest impacts on our modern day technology. Most of his inventions were ahead of its time making it hard for some people to operate which is why some of his inventions did not receive as much praise as it should’ve. (Wikipedia Website , n.d.) Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. He always had a passion for knowledge and was homeschooled by his mother. At the age of 12 Thomas Edison began selling newspapers along the railroads. While selling newspapers Thomas Edison discovered his access to the news bulletins that were sent to the office every day. With this newfound information Edison began to publish his own newspaper called the “Grand Trunk Herald”. He also sold this newspaper along the line of the railroad, his newspaper was very successful with the passengers. In addition to his interest in newspapers Edison was also fascinated by science. To carry out his science curiosities, Edison began to perform his own chemical experiments in the baggage car of the trains he’d been selling his newspapers on. Unfortunately he ignited a small fire and his unofficial laboratory was discovered. Edison was kicked off the train and was forced to sell his newspapers in various other stations. Although
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