Thomas Green Case Questions On Business Relations

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Thomas Green Case Questions
Question 1 Thomas Green is a creative and ambitious executive with impeccable marketing skills. He is a go-getter who goes out of his way to meet potential clients and pitch ideas on how to improve business relations between airlines, hotels and taxi services. His work styles involve an adept and calculated approach to marketing that is pegged on increasing customer satisfaction and amassing a high clientele (Sasser, 2011). He is also revolutionary and change-oriented. On the other hand, Frank Davis is an experienced marketing strategist who is quite rigid to change. Being in the business for 20 years, Frank possesses the necessary experience and expertise to land clients. However, he adopts an authoritarian form of leadership that entails imposing of ideas on his subordinates (Sasser, 2011). He seeks to tell his subordinates what to do and expects them to follow without question.
Question 2 Thomas Green seeks to challenge authority whenever he feels that his bosses are on the wrong or are taking an unfavorable approach in business. He is quick to challenge his boss in public and highlights the flaws in Frank’s approach (Sasser, 2011). He also does not respect his boss enough to update him on his travels and projects in addition to failing to process reports on time. Additionally, he goes over Frank’s head and corresponds directly to his sponsor, Shannon McDonald. Frank’s expectations on the other hand are that Tom follows his directions and
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