Thomas Green Case Study

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Thomas green Case Study:-
1) Thomas Green was a high performing individual and could have been a very good leader, if he would have exhibited all the qualities of a true leader. Here is an analysis of Thomas’s leadership style based on Ancona leadership model.
a. Inventing:- Thomas was very good on this quality of leadership. Soon after his promotion, when he met Davis, his boss, he was able to come with many new ideas and client responded very positively to these ideas.
i. Another example of Thomas being inventive:-one of the market specialists who accompanied Thomas to several meeting during the special software project said that Thomas is very creative and can quickly think of new ideas on his feet.
b. Visioning:- One of the very
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In response to Davis’s complain about his schedule he defended by using the argument of his right to make decision on his trip to maximize the output.
Although they were started acting from rights and power, they landed into the interest zone very soon. They based their conflict on the performance of their individual goals. Davis wanted to show a better growth in regions under him, whereas Thomas did not wanted to set a target which he could not achieve and be a failure.
In my view, if they could have tried harder to relate to each other or invent a way to relate to each other, then they could have settled for a common interest. Green should make extra effort to be in good terms with Davis. Especially after knowing that Davis’s first instinct would have been not to like him.
Thomas should provide all the answers and follow-up to Davis on time by taking help from one of this marketing specialist. Also this marketing specialist can update Thomas’s calendar. Thomas should have other marketing specialist develop data to support his ideas and present them in a nice presentable format to be presented to Davis and also the clients.
On the other hand Davis can also take a step towards relating to the new situation where Davis is the new senior Marketing Specialist and try to take maximum advantage of his positive qualities. He should trust Thomas in growth forecasting as Thomas is closer to the
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