Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics and a Career in Crisis Essay

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6N:212: Management in Organizations Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis 3/26/2013 Submitted By: Vishal Joshi Email: Answer 1] Frank Davis, marketing director, is an excellent strategic player. He sorts through all of the possibilities, though short term, and find the best effective way to move forward. As he had just been promoted from the position of a senior market specialist he for sure was competent and experienced in the way things should be done. He got used to a precise planning of an every detail, schedule and documentation. That depicts him as a highly organized person with perfect managerial skills. David’s strong analytical strength mixed with his 15 years of…show more content…
On the other side, the position of senior market specialists requires identifying industry trends, evaluating new business opportunities, and establishing sales goals. Specialists are team players who develop general market and specific client strategies to help the account executives obtain a sale. Market specialists needs to be strategic in identifying patterns, anticipate problems and provide relevant solutions. They are relator and work as a team to achieve a goal. Their talent of individualization and positive attitude motivates the team to achieve maximized productivity. They are arranger who has to be organized in preparing and executing little possible details by following a standard approach. Illustrating signs of a visionary, Green’s talent of inventive way of working makes him capable to be a successful senior market specialist. However, Green is struggling with his position due to following reasons that he can work on by changing his perspective and managing up: (1) Green is overly confident and too much focused on his independent working attitude. He does not conform to the company standard. (2) His lack of experience for the role, aggressive behavior and not being relative to his supervisors makes him stressed to deliver for this new position. Answer 4] Green has begun in his new position much the same way he would have begun in his previous position as an account
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