Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis

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HBS Case Analysis Paper Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis A person’s success in an organization not only depends on his or her personality and ability, but also how he or she manages office politics and resolves conflicts. In order to successfully manage interpersonal relations within a corporate environment, one also needs to understand the power and influence structures in one’s organization. Failure to develop effective work relationships can cause job dissatisfaction, low work performance, unnecessary conflicts, and potentially getting fired from one’s job. Thomas Green Case is a great example of how different work styles and office politics can result in a career crisis. Thomas Green, at age…show more content…
Although McDonald warned Green after she promoted him, his new job required him to “ think strategically as well as tactically”, and he “will have to coordinate between several different functions and layers of corporate management,” Green failed to manage and develop a successful relationship with Frank Davis due to a number of mistakes and unhappy encounters (HBS Case 4). During Green’s first meeting with Davis, which was already a week after Green had started working in his new position, Davis told Green that he would be expecting Green to start develop some marketing strategies for his region and back them up with market data. First of all, Green should have met with Davis as soon as his promotion became effective instead of using the first week to review some old sales numbers. And after meeting with Davis, Green should have spent more time to explore the expectations and goals of his boss, the job itself, and his relations with other members of the division. More importantly, Green made another and more serious mistake in the 2008 Budget Plan meeting just one month after he assumed his new position. As a newly appointed and inexperienced senior market specialist, Green openly disagreed with Frank Davis’ sales growth estimation number in front of other senior market specialists. This immediately put Frank Davis on a
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