Thomas Green, Senior Market Specialist At Dynamic Displays

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Protagonist: Thomas Green, Senior Market Specialist at Dynamic Displays Main Issue: As I understand it, the main problem in this case is there has been a serious lack of communication between Thomas Green and Frank Davis. Thomas has received many poor performance reviews and it has been brought up with the Vice President of Travel Shannon McDonald. Sub-elements of the Main Issue: An additional issue that will have to be resolved is whether or not Thomas is willing to take his employee feed back or eventually find himself terminated. . I looked at this situation using in and out groups, the skills approach as well as the behavior approach. I selected this approach because many of these approaches and skills will help to develop a…show more content…
Thomas got hired on in the position with over six years of account executive experience. He did not have the experience for the role that he was applying for, but was extremely persistent in order to do what he could to get the job. He started off in the in-group by doing whatever he could to meet with Shannon which eventually allowed him to receive the offer of a senior market specialist. He also began to develop good rapport with Frank and listened closely to the full description of responsibilities he was required to fulfill. Not too long after he started his role, Thomas began to slack a bit and it eventually upset Frank. Frank was mostly upset when Thomas called him out about not being able to reach certain sales forecasts for the coming year that he had proposed. It did not take long for both of them to begin banging heads with one another. Frank began to become even more upset with Thomas after he would not tell him his location, goals or supply him with up to date information. After hearing the criticism from Frank Thomas began to continue do his own thing and became even more frustrated. Thomas spent a majority of his time complaining, instead performing his daily work activities. Thomas was more worried about the minor little details than focusing his time on the big picture. Thomas put himself in an out group when he would have been able to benefit the company in a much greater fashion by being
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