Thomas Hardy 's The Darkling Thrush And The Lost Baby Poem

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Imagine a time when you or someone you know has gone through loss; how alone that feeling was. Yet, the hardship it brought did not last forever. There was always something that made life worth living again. Life is filled with sad endings and bright, new beginnings. It is an inevitable cycle that everyone can relate to on some level. Whether it is the ending of a life or the end of a century, both Lucille Clifton and Thomas Hardy prove that endings can be difficult, yet there is some form of hope within each of their poems. Hardy’s “The Darkling Thrush” and Clifton’s “The Lost Baby Poem” have different styles due to the poets vastly different backgrounds, yet both poems posses a similar somber tone throughout, with a glimmer of positivity by the end of each. Lucille Clifton and Thomas Hardy have vastly different writing styles, which could be attributed to their dissimilar backgrounds. Clifton, a 20th century African American poet, wrote short yet powerful poetry, and her use of lowercase type in a large portion of her works makes her tone come off as understanding to the average reader. Another interpretation of her use of lowercase type in “The Lost Baby Poem” specifically, is the idea that Clifton was ashamed of herself and therefor did not feel worthy of writing in a distinguished manner. My interpretation of her lack of punctuation makes her tone seem dismal and depressed. Hardy, who comes from English descent, lived through lots of turmoil, including WWI, and his

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