Thomas Hobbes And John Locke Essay

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Hobbes, Locke and the meaning of the English civil war Thomas Hobbes and john Locke are considered some of the most influential people in Political thought. Both men lived during and around the time of the English civil war. It can be assumed that this event had a profound effect on each man’s perspective and thinking. Locke and Hobbes do differ on their ideas and beliefs. Hobbes living through the civil war was a supporter of an absolute monarchy. Locke believed in what can be seen as a representative democracy. It’s clear from this examination of facts that both the ideas Hobbes and Locke were greatly influential. The ideas set forth by Locke certainly have had a profound influence on later political thinkers. Locke’s beliefs would profoundly shape the views of the American founding fathers. It can be argued that the United States is a Lockean nation. Both Hobbes and Locke were strong believers in property rights and believed that government must protect these rights. Using the English war as a starting point, the beliefs and ideas of Lock and Hobbes can be examined. Some questions to consider are challenging sovereign power, stability and justice and the effects of the English civil war. By understanding these ideas, we can better appreciate these perspectives and thoughts and a better understanding can be reached. The main event that these ideas draw their influence from is the English Civil war. The English civil war happened between 1642 and 1651. The two

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